Eduardo Sanz

B. Sc. Biology 

IVF Senior Embryologist

Eduardo Sanz, who has a degree in biology, has dedicated the last 20 years to the field of human in vitro reproduction in his home country of Colombia and the United States, where he lives and works. Always interested in supernatural phenomena, Eduardo arrived at a spiritual school when he was just 13-years-old. Since then, he has become a permanent devotee, studying and learning about spiritual phenomena. As an active participant, he was first a student, then docent, and finally a speaker helping others to understand the spiritual reality.

After finishing high school Eduardo was enrolled in the biology program at the National University of Colombia, which gave him a unique opportunity to merge both forms of knowledge—spiritual science and formal science—. He realized that both approaches were necessary to create a complete picture of our reality since both are complementary to each other. That was an interesting period in his life when he met in the same school one of the other authors, an anthropology student, who shared similar ideas. His brother and co-author, and already enthusiastic student and promoter of the spiritual ideas, also joined them while completing his own studies in physics.

In the early 2000s Eduardo accepted an embryologist position in Chicago, a change that provided him with the time and stability required to focus in further developing these ideas. The three maintained a permanent and fluid communication, and they decided to first begin the blog “Ciencia Espiritual” followed years later by “Spiritual Science” to openly discuss the spiritual phenomena. It has been a successful idea offering the opportunity to teach the basic principles of spiritual science to others, and also serving as a trigger to find a way to better merge spiritual science with the authors’ areas of formal science expertise. “These were fascinating times when we started to find out how all these facts about the spiritual phenomena were complementing perfectly with what we knew from our own scientific disciplines. It opened an interesting opportunity for us to explore how much of both sciences could be merge together into one big picture of everything. And we assumed the challenge with enthusiasm”.

The blog now include free courses of Spiritual Science in English and Spanish; blogs and courses are now under the umbrella of ISRSP, the Institute for Scientific research of the Spiritual Phenomena, a non-profit organization whose main interest is to promote the scientific study of the spiritual phenomena from a scientific perspective.


Julian Sanz

B Sc. Physics

Julian Sanz is a graduated physicist from the National University of Colombia and a Fellow in Advanced Atomic Studies of the International Organization of Atomic Energy for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety. As the younger brother of the first author, Julian was captivated at a very young age by the coherent and logical explanations to many different topics provided by the spiritual science. From the hypothesis of the spirit to the existence of the mind and so on, he has always embraced this vision of our reality as a valid way to understand our nature. Curious about the consequences of a spiritual reality influencing the physical world and always enthusiastic about questioning mainstream science, Julian became actively involved in studying and later teaching the principles of Spiritual Science at a spiritual school. A qualified interlocutor always ready to consider new proposals in the spiritual field, he was crucial in the process of developing the basis for the Spiritual Theory. Although open-minded and kind, he was the hard liner supporting his opinions with solid arguments.

Carlos Manrique

B Sc. Anthropology

Carlos Manrique is a graduated anthropologist from the National University of Colombia. Coming from a family with a long tradition in the study and practice of spiritual science, his interest in these phenomena was almost natural and predictable. As a child he learned from his mother and grandmother about the spirits and the spiritual world, but it was during his anthropology studies that he became more involved in this matter.

In 1989, Carlos introduced the spiritual phenomena and the school we were attending to his career fellows and mentors with a field-study entitled “Spiritism, cult and anthropology. A study case: BSSA-Basilio Scientific School Association, Branch-145”. It was an anthropologist description of the spiritual school structure and practices. This work was followed years later by a graduate thesis “Notes for a Spiritual Anthropology Theory” that earned him his Bachelor’s of Science degree in anthropology.

Since then, Carlos has been an active exponent of the spiritual phenomena and an indefatigable searcher of new ways to understand and prove the phenomena.